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  Our environment is changing for the worse and even if we did not cause it, we can stop it. As your representative, I would push to introduce legislation that would yield jobs needed to combat the climate crisis.  Join us in making sure the grass is green on all sides of the globe. 

 If you are a climate crisis denier and have not read one scientific published paper on #GloablWarming, you are doing yourself and this country a disservice.   
 My God daughter once told me that it is easier to believe a well told lie than cold hard facts.  Facts do not require your belief in them, however, the consequences, which will come, in not believing in these fact will be catastrophic for this nation and the world. 


John Brooks served 26 years in the federal government as a biologist and law enforcement officer.

 I come from a family that lived under racial segregation but still chose to serve this country. My mother was a nurse and entrepreneur.  My father served in the Korean conflict and as a uniformed police officer.  I had a 26 year career in the federal government as a wildlife biologist and law enforcement officer.  My commitment to public service is unwavering.  As your representative, I pledge to do my best to bring forth the issues that will help improve the community and your quality of life.  I also pledge not to serve more than two terms. 

On this page, are the issues important to me, but remember, by sending me to represent YOU on Capitol Hill, I will be bringing forth the issues that are important to YOU.

Stay educated, stay informed.

Advancement through innovation

Innovation move us forward

  Its not about working to stay alive, its about working to be alive. Let's move towards jobs that stimulate our minds, bodies, and souls.   
  By moving towards systems that eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels, new skills and jobs will follow, expanding the American workforce.  

  Education is the key to a healthy society.   


San Diego's historic public transportation system.

About 80% of your life is spent working. Why would you choose to waste time in traffic in order to travel to and from your place of work? America needs to, once again, put in place a viable public transportation system that works for the public. There is no reason to expand the highway system. It will only serve to create more pollution and create larger traffic jams. Let's put America back to work, and help free up your time by advancing our public transport system. Let's create for a purpose, instead of a profit.   



 Education is the key to a healthy society because it is the great equalizer.  No one is born with the desire to be an under achiever.  That is learned behavior based on external influences and a society that profits on an uneducated populous.  When people in a society have the opportunity to grow, learn, and expand their minds, society as a whole, benefits.  It is to our collective benefit to allow young minds to flourish by providing an even playing field, at an early age, and also to make higher learning, normal learning and affordable. 

Money out of politics


  Many good people who would like to do their duty and run for office can't, because of the cost of financing a campaign. It is not unheard of for a congressional candidate to spend a million dollars to run for office. The JOB PAYS only $174,000/per year. Who does that? And how is it that a congressional representative can leave office a millionaire on a salary of $174,000? Moreover, the media will tend to jump on a candidate who finances his/her own campaign, through personal funds by raising the question if the candidate is trying to "buy" the election. But rarely has the media questioned candidates receiving outside funds and ask if the candidate is being bought.  
  Federal campaigns need to be publicly funded and political jobs need to stop being political careers. 

Candidate John Brooks

John Brooks is a 26 year career civil servant and remains active in the community.  His purpose for running for office is to represent the community.

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Education is the key to a healthy, wealthy society. #NoMoneyCampaign #ClimateCrisis

John Brooks for Congress

Additional Thoughts

Together we are Stronger

 I am running for office to help others realize a healthy and joyful life. Be fearless to be yourself and discover all that life has to offer.  Under the current way we are governed, the majority of us will never realize such a dream for both political and environmental reasons.  The #ClimateCrisis will affect rich and poor. Young and old, Democrat and Republican.  Truth be told, #globalwarming is already effecting the lives of millions of people and countless other species which live on this planet. We are entering a damage control phase of addressing this issue.

We have been made to fear the loss of things that we perceive will reduce our quality of life and therefore cling to those items. 

We are a nation of immigrants fearing immigration. We are a nation born of violence that can not understand why individual acts of violence persist. We have become a nation of fear.     President Roosevelt  famously said: "The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."

Fear has reduced our quality of life and our ability to think critically. It has also kept us voting into office the same politicians who have been feeding our fears. We complain about these politicians but are afraid to vote them out. Why? The fear of change? The fear of loss?    

  Vote your aspirations, not your fears.   



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Keeping it Real...

2015 to 2019 five hottest years on record: UN

 UNITED NATIONS: Average global temperature between 2015-2019 is on track to be the hottest of any five-year period on record, a UN report by the world’s leading climate agencies said on Sunday.