Money out of politics

Everyone talks about it. We all know that it is not good for our democracy, and yet it still persists.

Money influencing political elections does not serve the community or the betterment of society. People who hold the power of disposable capital generally “donate” funds to candidates they believe can be swayed to vote a certain way on issues important to the donor. We have seen this occur time and time again in our democracy but tend to only point to corruption politicians may exhibit, when the corruption occurs in a country other than the United States of America.

If we truly care about our country and our fellow Americans, and want to see our tax dollars go for the betterment of society, as a whole, we need to move away from Citizens United and move toward publically funded elections. It would be a start in creating what our founder’s called “A more perfect Union.”
John Brooks for Congress
Together we are Stronger
John Brooks - District 53, San Diego, California.