I come from a family that has always served the community. My father was an Oakland police officer and my mother a nurse and realtor. I had a 26 year career in the federal government as a wildlife biologist and law enforcement officer. My commitment to public service is unwavering. As your representative, I pledge to do my best to bring forth the issues that will help improve the community and your quality of life. I want what you and every American wants. The opportunity to reach our full potential as individuals and a society, and to live healthy, prosperous lives.

In reaching our full potential as Americans, and citizens of this planet, we must first face the fact that our law makers have forgotten what representation truly means. It is not about dictating to the community. It is about representing the community by sitting in the House and speaking for the community that sent you their. I would be going to represent your needs in Washington DC, not my own. You would remain engaged in the process of strengthening our community. You would tell me what needs to be done, and I would do it. That is what I believe the House was originally set up to do. One person goes to Washington to represent those back home working to provide a quality life for their families. One person brings forth the thoughts of the many. That one person should not have power over those in the district, but should be empowered by those in the district.

I am running a “No Money Campaign” to be beholding to no one, except the the people of the community. That is true representation. The way we currently structure our campaigns for public office has all been centered around how much money you can acquire for your campaign. If you can not raise money, you can not serve the public. This approach seems to be contrary to the intent of “We the People.”

I believe true change in the federal government cannot occur until the way that Congressional campaigns are financed change. Economic influence transfers in to political power. The unseen consequences of influenced lawmaking tears at the very fabric of what this country stands for. Until true campaign finance reform and control over how lobbyists interact with lawmakers come about, prosperity for the average Americans will never come to pass.

I will represent us, because we are stronger together.
John Brooks for Congress
Together we are Stronger
John Brooks - District 53, San Diego, California.