Smart phones, self-driving cars, and even drone-delivered pizza all sound very nice until you understand the impact the AI (artificial intelligence) robotics revolution has produced, and will continue to have on our society.

Between the year 2000 and 2010, 85% of manufacturing jobs lost were due to automation, not international trade. Twenty-five employees were once needed to produce 1 million dollars of output. Today, that output is realized through just 5 workers. Just imagine what will happen in the next decade if we are not prepared for the shift in mentality of how we work. Millions of people could find themselves unemployed.

Robotics is the next human revolution, but unlike previous significant changes to our way of life, this revolution is moving too fast to enable the adaptations we need to put in place for the sake of the workforce. Smart technology is already a part of our lives, but in the next 5 to 10 years, AI will be a part of your everyday life, and 800 million jobs could be automated by the year 2030

We can make this revolution apart of our shift towards a sustainable economy and make the advancements in AI and robotics assist humanity in making the transition away for fossil fuels. This and more can be done for the community but all of us must remain engaged in the process. Therefore, we need a Representative that recognizes the value in keeping the community involve making positive changes to our way of life, with the assistance of technology. A Representative that understands technology, and engages with those people who live technology. I worked as a computer forensics specialist with the federal government and continue to surround myself with people immersed in the technological field.

As your Representative, I will assist the community in understanding the changes to come, the employment that will be needed, and how best to integrate the benefits of this new revolution into your daily lives.

It is estimated that 47% of current jobs in the United States are at a high risk of automation. If we work together, we can work towards a sustainable economy that will bring forth new innovations that support our growth and future.

We are Stronger Together
John Brooks for Congress
Together we are Stronger
John Brooks - District 53, San Diego, California.