In the early modernization of this country, public transportation was an integral part of allowing people to travel to and from work, and over great distances. It quite possibly, was the best in the world. But, we gave it up for the automobile as we expanded west.

Because of how we’ve designed our neighborhood separate from our business areas, most American’s can not shop, dine, or travel to work without the use of a car. Consider this: about 80% of your life is spent working. Why would you choose to waste your time in traffic while traveling to and from your place of work? Also consider that many Americans living in low income communities do not have access to a vehicle, or if they do, may not have the income to properly insure the vehicle. Or perhaps a person has a suspended driver’s license and now can not travel to work, without breaking the law. Please understand, about 45% of Americans lack access to public transportation making access to a working vehicle crucial to their economic survival. This is no way to run a democracy.

A Harvard study showed that access to transportation is the single most important factor in an individual’s ability to escape poverty. In cities such as Dallas. Portland, and Washington, DC, public transportation has become instrumental in the success of those cities.

“Public transportation increases economic mobility, decreases the carbon footprint and increases economic development.”

America needs to, once again, put in place a viable public transportation system that works for the public. The installation of systems such as modern street cars, subways, and light rail, will not only provide needed employment, it will also stimulate our local economies. There is no reason to expand the highway system. It will only serve to create more pollution and larger, longer traffic jams.

Let’s put America back to work, and help free up your time by advancing our public transport system. A vote for John Brooks as a member of Congress on March 3rd, will be a step in the right direction.

Remember, community is everything. Let’s create with a purpose in mind and build a future your grand children will appreciate.

We are Stronger Together
John Brooks for Congress
Together we are Stronger
John Brooks - District 53, San Diego, California.